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My Asshole Is Giving You A Facial
Boulevard Of Broken Wind
Bound Face Crushing Point Blank Farts
Watch that Hole Open up and Throw Kisses at You
Point Blank Farts
I`m Sitting on a Mother Lode Right Now
Denim LOUD Fart Humiliation Clip
POV Humiliation Derailed by Farts
The Greatest REAL Fart Clip Ever Made Pts 1&2
My Fart Sniffing Cushion
I Hope You Can Smell It In New York
I Will Blow You Away
Bullseye Blasts and the Fart Target
Toilet Farts & More From Delilah!
No Farts Just Fun on The Toilet with the Queen
Human Toilet Can
Forced Bikini Blasts
Ass Gas Blackmail
Solid Chair Farts
The Queen on Her Throne
5 Days Of Service
& Consumption:
The Series
DAY 1 ~ Aren`t you Excited?
DAY 3 ~ Blow Me Dry
~ Ass Gas Blackmail Pts 1&2 ~
One of Mistress Delilah's slaves has a serious gambling problem and comes up short with his weekly tribute to her. After beating him down and verbally humiliating him she blasts several loud farts strait in his face then kicks him out of her apartment to find her money.
In part two the slave realizes he forgot his glasses and crawls back in. Mistress Delilah has no mercy on him she pulls her panties aside to reveal the worlds most perfect ass, sits on his face and blasts gas right in his pathetic face and send him on his way. After he leaves she notices you were watching and has a word and some gas for your pathetic fart loving face.

The Fart Girls

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